An Existential Crisis

18.06.2017 Sometimes we tend to feel really small. But if you think about it, where does the fault really lie? In ourselves, the world, or how we perceive the world? The world is round, huge, a nomad's refuge. But at times this same space can become incredibly suffocating. The fact that the earth is just... Continue Reading →


14.05.2015 /ˈflaʊə/ [noun] The part of a plant with delicate petals tinted with shades of unrequited love, optimism and perseverance. Quite like the corners of eyes and rosy cheeks. In the monsoon season, when the raindrops settle in and flow down her petals like human tears, this flower must be protected. The breeze that follows... Continue Reading →

Peach Purée

27.03.2017 I don't care if a peach looks nothing like a human heart. Because when you slice into one, the syrupy goodness that drips all down and between the spaces between your fingers; bares no less resemblance to holding a human heart freshly plucked, with its bloody goodness seeping through all the wrinkles and crevices on... Continue Reading →

A Winter Knit into Warm Solace

They were quite the lame pair. They spent all their winters in a blue room traced with their icy blue fingertips. Bundled up in blankets in all the colours that matched the blush on his nose. She never got to finish the sweater she promised him, because they were just a pair of puppy lovers... Continue Reading →

A Hopelessly Romantic Spring

She didn’t know what shade of brown that was, so she named it after his eyes. He was no expert on stars; so he named the brightest ones after her smile. They didn’t know what to call this explosion of flowers and butterflies in their stomachs, so they just blamed it on spring and continued... Continue Reading →

The First Love

25.03.2014 Love is strange. They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. He was beautiful. He was a masterpiece no doubt. But in a messy, abstract-but-not-meant-to-be-abstract-ish kind of way. There was no perfection to detail, no definition of colour, no intricate use of strokes; but still very pleasing to the eye, and boy... Continue Reading →

A few very important questions to ask oneself before establishing a protagonist...

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