/ˈflaʊə/ [noun]

The part of a plant with delicate
petals tinted with shades of
unrequited love, optimism and
perseverance. Quite like the corners
of eyes and rosy cheeks. In the
monsoon season, when the raindrops
settle in and flow down her petals
like human tears, this flower must
be protected. The breeze that
follows after (and smells magical),
helps her regain strength. It hums a
mellow tune, and her petals dance
with the wind, to the beat of an
orchestra that plays in dark grief.
She blossoms on the darkest nights,
when not even lovers can find stars
to gaze at and all the dark demons
‘disappear’ into the blackness. She
blooms again in the morning, in
solitude and serenity; so she can
laze through another afternoon, in
peace and prosperity. No one is
permitted to even see her let alone
touch, though people come to catch a
glimpse from all around. Yet they
say she wasn’t born with naturally
tinted petals. Like a tigress must
earn her stripes, she earned hers.


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